Internal Family Systems Explained using iPhone Analogy

What is IFS?

Internal Family Systems or IFS is a therapeutic modality that views the human mind as having multiple different "parts" or sub-personalities.

Isn't that like multiple personalities?

No, it is very normal. 

Have you ever heard yourself say "part of me feels like this, but another part of me feels like that"?

Have you ever been in a relationship that left you feeling lost? Perhaps part of you felt like you couldn't trust your partner, while another part of you told you you were just being insecure or paranoid. Maybe another part felt that you deserved better, but yet another part of you feared being alone. 

We all naturally talk and think in terms of parts. 

How do we fix or get rid of unwanted parts?

The good news is.. THERE ARE NO BAD PARTS! Just parts that may be a little...misunderstood

All parts of yourself, even those parts that we hate to admit exist such as rage, insecurity, and perfectionism, were created for a reason

In therapy, I can teach you how to get to know these parts and work with, rather than against them. This will help build your self-confidence, allow you to have more control over your emotions, and overall, lead you to a more harmonious life.